To dance with the mystery
and alchemy of painting


My art reflects me. It is not driven by commercial incentives. My pieces grow organically, often times taking me on long journeys, painful or joyful. The work is authentic to my journey and is the truth of my being in the past, present, or future.

From a Dream

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Despite a hard journey, Love is still the driving force in my art and life. My art comes from my heart and radiates with emotion. Creating and Loving are inseparable for me.

Revelatory I

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My work is autobiographical and emotional. It comes from my inner world, the world around me, and the metaphysical – from a source that is ultimately a mystery to me. I approach the blank canvas like a prayer and allow the unknown to emerge.

No Escaping the Future

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Ingrid Petersen by Jon Archdeacon

How I See and Create Art

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